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Stop the Noise

Jun 26, 2019

Susan Tatum visits with James Robert Lay, CEO of Digital Growth Institute to discuss growth in the digital space through diagnosis of your key specialization and focus factors.

Many businesses get caught in the trap of the "operating mode of doing" without the realization that this spirals them into a very dangerous...

Jun 19, 2019

Susan Tatum welcomes Ethan Beute, VP of Marketing at BombBomb and author of the book "Rehumanize your Business" to discuss the use of personalized videos to market your services.

In today's technological world the same old text based emails with the same old formats get lost in the clutter of message overload....

Jun 12, 2019

Susan Tatum visits with Henry Kaminski, the Brand Doctor.  Henry is a Brand Strategist That Ties Mindset, Strategy and Design All Together To Help Entrepreneurs Save time and money and Win More Business.

Jun 5, 2019

Curt Anderson is an eCommerce Consultant working relentlessly to help US manufacturers execute eCommerce strategies.

In this episode, Susan sits down with Curt to discuss:

1. Finding your passion and applying it to your strengths and core business

2. Seeking out what the market needs rather than what they want